Company Status

Company Name

Rex Industries (Pvt) Ltd


T.P. Sunil Fernando


451/2, Chilaw Road, Kattuwa,





Sri Lanka

No.of employee


Marketing / Cell



Year Established



83 mil


Domestic Market 20 %, Export 80 %

Main Item

Agriculture Machine

-      Coconut De-Shelling Machines

-      Coconut Oil Expellers

-      Oil Filters

-      Crushers


- Dehusked coconut need to be removed the hard shell before they have been processed. Generally deshelling process have been undertaken by skilled man power. At present due to lack of availability of skilled labour, this process had become a challenging task. As a solution deshelling machine has been introduced to the market and it can be operated even an unskilled labour. Our deshelling machines comes with single or two deshelling stations.
Durable & Efficient Performance
 - All the tips of the cutters are made with
   hardened steel.
 - Made of High Quality Stainless Steel to Meet
   International Standards
 - Protection to Ensure Operator Safety.
 - Designed for High Efficiency & Higher
 - Available in Single & Double Cutters.

- Our oil expellers are specially designed to extract oil from coconut Meat and oily seeds. It feature special cold pressing process and consists of conveying screw system which deliver excellent performance and continues use. All the apparatuses contacted with oil are made with special stainless steel material to maintain the high quality of extruded oil.

- Made of High Quality Stainless Steel to meet
   the International Product Standard.
 - Designed for High Efficiency and High
 - Protection to ensure engine oil or any other
  foreign material does not get contaminated with
  the product under any circumstances.
 - Safe & Easy Operation.
 - Easy removable parts for quick cleaning and
  main tenance.


- The Extracted oil contain impurities, hence they need to be cleaned. This process can be done with our following range of oil filters. Rex Oil filters consist with filter frames, Food grade plastic filter press, filter cloths and Pressure pumps. They are equipped with hydraulically operated or manually operated in several sizes, and customer can choose any of these two types depending on their requirement.






- In order to get maximum oil form the oily seeds or nuts, they needed to be cut in even and smaller sizes prior to be processed. Hence following crushers have been designed to fulfil for said particular purpose

- Made of High Quality Stainless Steel to meet the
  International Product Standards.
Designed for High Efficiency and High
- Easy Cleaning & Maintenance.
- Designed for Both Manual And Auto Feeders.
- Extra Mesh to Suit Customers¡¯ Needs.