Company Status

Company Name

Xplosa Corporation (Pvt) Ltd


Mr. Mohamed Rikas


No. 17, Industrial Estate





Sri Lanka

No.of employee


Marketing / Cell



Year Established



90 Mil



Main Item

Corrugated boxes
(Universal Type Cartons)

(Top and Bottom Cartons)

(Telescopic Type Cartons)

(Die Cut Cartons)

(Hanger Pack Cartons)

(Laminated Cartons)

(Pads, Partitions, Internal Packaging)

These have a regular slotted pattern and have top and bottom closing haps.We offer multiple color printing up to 5 colors with paper grades of 3-ply, 5-ply and 7-ply. Cantons are made of the highest quality in any dimension as per customer requirement..

Made in 2 pieces, with a bottom inner box and a top outer box that fill over it. Used for garments and other purposes.

- T
he type of carton is widely used in packaging of garments.These are made as 2 separate pieces - a thin inner box at the bottom, and a deeper outer box that acts as the lid and fits over the bottom piece. We can customize color and dimensions to any customer preference.

These can be custom made for customer preference depending on it's usage such as perforation lines, ventilation holes, and access points. Up to 5 colors can be printed on them in paper grade 3-ply of 5-ply. These are typically used in the food and beverage industry.

- This type of carton has hanger folders from which garments can be hung from. Typically made of paper grade 3-ply and 7-ply. We can print in high quality up to 5 colors and tailor make it to customer preference.

- Laminated or vax coated layers are pasted corrugated boards that a typically 2-ply or 4-ply. This coating gives better water resistance and a vibrant print quality. Typically used in tea packaging, master packs etc.

- These are used to separate, cushion, hang and fill excess spaces in carton. Can be customized to suit customer requirement using 3-ply and 5-ply boards