Productivity Improvement by 2 stages

1. Diagnosis : Conduct business diagnostics

2. Prescription & Treatment : Identify problems and offer solutions

  Customized Support Category

   ▪ Set up Mfg. Standard
    - (Purchas): Material Spec. Parts Spec, Incoming Inspection
    - (Operation/Outsourcing): Process Chart, Standard Work Sheet
    - (Finished Products): Product Spec, User Manual
    - Mfg Process Chart
    - Standard Work Sheet

   ▪ 5S methodology
    - Seiri( discard unnecessary material, equipment, etc.)
    - Seiton( set up the storage for usable item, arrange name plate, tools,
      paint the section line, arrange safety device)
    - Seiso( clean the dust, oil and water, manage the cleaning device)
    - Seiketsu( maintain cleanliness, protect polution source)
    - Shitsuke(make a habit by inspection and meeting regularly)

   ▪ Loss management
    - Defect loss(Zero defect movement, Fool proof system)
    - ST management & bad working motion(operation loss, organizing loss, performance loss)
    - Motion analysis & reduce loss
    - Transport, Operation loss(Lay out improvement, Minimize Material Handling)
    - Preperation loss( prepare in advance)
    - Replacement loss( one touch fixing device, exclusive cart)
    - Adjusting loss (Quick Die Change)
    - Work in process loss
    - Pull production system (Kanban), Push production system(MRP)

   Facilities trouble
- TPM( Total Productive Maintenance)

   ▪ On-the-spot improvement

   ▪ Sectoral Mfg Technology

Technology Transfer & Joint Business

We recruit SMEs that have the similar manufacturing process or make the similar products
between Philippine and Korea, then help cooperation by technology transfer, jont business,
M&A, etc.

Trade goods of SMEs

We excavate the prospective SMEs'products in Philippine and help them export to the global market.